jenandaaronbw“City Folk” is dedicated to people who love simplicity and charm but don’t want to sacrifice sophistication. City Folk Style is here to showcase the designs, styles, and trends that will take us back to the country in a more urban setting. This is for people who understand that you can take the person out of the country (or city), but not the country (or city) out of the person. It is a blend of vintage and new, throwback and modern — a lifestyle that can feel down-to-earth without looking hokey and cliché. It’s about finding the perfect middle ground of the two lifestyles in your heart!

I’m Jennifer Mae Snelling and I have always found myself caught between two worlds. I learned how to balance on the line at an early age when I was born into two families that had been disagreeing for generations. (It’s a small world where I’m from!) I inherited a love of reading, writing, music and entertainment — you know, all those things you can’t make a living off of — and took off to Hollywood as soon as I graduated high school. I studied at Stella Adler Academy of Acting.

I was a child of the 80s and 90s. I grew up watching women in shoulder-pads and heels living professional lives and working their butts off to earn a good living while they still managed to raise families and play with grandkids. The women of the 80s and early 90s taught me to think outside the box and never settle for less.

I have also been heavily influenced by my grandmothers who are from two different worlds and two different generations. They both set examples that are etched into the person I am today — one generation on a farm cooking food straight out of the garden or in from the fields with her sleeves rolled up, the other bringing back souvenirs from business trips and taking us to the museum or ballet; one with a flair for sewing and the other with a natural gift for interior decorating; both of them beautiful and stylish in their own ways.

For a long time I thought I was confused. Then I figured out I wasn’t confused — I was just a person who loved two different worlds. I’m unique. We’re all unique. We all have our own style and our own flair. There’s no reason we can’t make the most of it.


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